17.10.2015 21:46


Welcome to Karlovy Vary, amazing world famous spa! 
We would like to invite you to visit one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, world known Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).
As the legend says, many years ago, around the year 1350, the king Charles IV arranged a hunting in the forested deep valleys surrounded by hills, where thermal water springs now. The forest used to be full of deer those days. A hunting dog had started to follow a deer, suddenly fall into a shallow pool filled with almost boiling water. Scared dog started to whine from pain, so the hunters ran quickly to see what happened, thinking the dog was hurt by a deer. Being surprised, they saved the dog and tried the taste of almost boiling water they saved the dog from. The king Charles IV was informed about a strange situation, so he decided to visit a place with his ranks to discover this wonder of nature. With regarded doctors he mentioned that the hot spring water can heal serious illnesses and gives energy and power. Charles IV successfully used the water to heal his wounded leg. Being cured, he decided to settle nearby the spring. The historically mentioned locality is said to be these-days place, where the town hall has been built. 
The historical settlement was enlarged, Charles IV also decided to establish a new town at this place. Also town walls were planned to protect the town, unfortunately the idea was disrupted because of more important reasons. It is said that Charles IV also wanted to found a strong castle above the town. The name of town Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) certainly descends from the name of its founder – Charles IV.
The exact date of foundation is not known, but the settlement by the hot spring is dated probably around the year 1350. In the year 1370 the town was granted by king´s liberty privilege.
During the centuries of history, the face of the town has been changed many times. Floods and fires have unfortunately destroyed most of medieval historical town centre. The current appearance you can find in town centre, responds mostly to the the period of 18th century, many parts to the second half of 18th century, after the reconstruction following the great fire in the year 1759; some from the time of balneology boom at 19th century, up to modern architecture. The beauty of buildings and the atmosphere is enhanced by the river Tepla flowing throw the town centre.
These days Karlovy Vary offers you great healing procedures, beautiful colonnade situated in an amazing countryside, historical preserved buildings, magnificent spa houses, fresh air, hot mineral water, amazing walks, many possibilities to keep calm and relax or otherwise to do sport activities like nordic walking, cycling, skiing... it is only up to you, what would you prefer. And last but not least, in this quite small spa town with only about 50 000 inhabitants, you can feel really safe.
We offer you guided tours in the town centre and at the colonnade, for groups, also for individuals. In co-operation with a **** hotel we offer you very comfortable accommodation with balneo-theraphies.
Follow duke and duchess from Cambridge, Franz Lizst, Sigmund Freud, Joachym Barrande, Johann Brams, Richard Wagner, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, tsar Peter I and many, many other world known personalities from all around the world. See the birthplace of Princess Michaele from Kent... enjoy the atmosphere, come to Karlovy Vary!



Foto: Lukas Macha